Rebound Training staff for fascinating flexible training.




5 Training Worlds 1 Sports Equipment

Ropetraining in the smallest space.
Training with BattleRopes, wild ropes, swing ropes is spread all over the world. They need a lot of space. With the FasziFlex this can now be replicated anywhere, immediately and easily.
For whole body, core, upper body, endurance.

Fascia roll releasing mobilization and intensive deep massage. The somewhat different fascia roll - firm, flexible, intensive and yet pleasant due to its stainless steel core and specially shaped silicone surface.

Swing bar for athletes. Higher weight, new grip, holding and swinging possibilities let the swinging be newly experienced.
Oscillation frequency 4.6 Hz. - frequency recommended by "Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.".

Gymnastic staff with lever and catapult effect.
Coordination - FITNESS meets BRAIN.
Coordination exercises train brain and fascia. Sports, games, action (e.g. martial arts - staff spinning, baton twirling) and juggling exercises. Balance exercises see Slackline.
"Old School" gymnastics swing on new paths, through concentric and eccentric muscle and fascia training.
Strength training through the light weight bar with rebound effect.
Sports-specific strength training for tennis, golf, boxing, throwing, etc. .

Tap massage to loosen the muscles through the catapult effect with resilience.

Areas of application: Private use, Pro, Therapy and Studio
FasziFlex - utility model, PATENT PENDING, trademark and design protection

FasziFlex 90 x 4 cm - 1,4 kg - V4A stainless steel core - med. silicone
with extensive training book UVP 89,95 €
Available for the first time at FIBO 2019 Cologne in April!




We are FasziFlex

Our fasciae, our muscles, our bodies are fascinatingly flexible.

Now everywhere with the FasziFlex simply and immediately with fun and joy train



Simply playfully improve fitness and health. Useable for everyone.

Everything: Activate muscles, fasciae, increase strength and get the circulation going.
Or go to your limits and expand your fitness limits with high-intensity training.

The goal was to develop the FasziFlex, a simple, safe and highly effective sports device for muscle and fascia training - the FasziFlex.
for all age groups and all fitness levels.


The FasziFlex is a 90 cm long, 4 cm diameter training-, weight- and swing rod that can also be used for massage, mobilization, balance and coordination exercises.

A training device that concentrates on the essentials,
that NOW - SIMPLE - can do EVERYTHING.

If you can lift the FasziFlex - it weighs 1.4 kg - you can train with it!

We wanted to create an innovative, durable, minimalist and yet high-quality training device.
Also in order not to waste resources unnecessarily.

Durable in terms of manufacture and service life.
Developed from absolutely high-quality materials for continuous use.

The FasziFlex consists of two components, medical silicone rubber (healthy on skin contact).
and a V4A stainless steel core.
The outer lamella structure ensures that it always lies securely in the hand.

Durable also in the sense of its functionality as well as its usefulness and versatility.
It is simply fun to use the FasziFlex for training.

The FasziFlex always provides new incentives for high-intensity or playful training.
At home, in the studio, in therapeutic use or in group training.